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Q. What is warm water underfloor heating?
A. A retro fit warm water ‘wet’ underfloor heating system is a series of pipes filled by warm water and connected to a boiler or heat pump via a manifold. Our pipes are fitted onto crates which fully bond to your existing floor, unlike other panel systems that can leave voids between the old and new. The warm water circulates through the pipes, resulting in an efficient heat transfer.

Once the Super Heat Retro Fit system has been fitted, it is entirely covered with a Super Screed reinforced levelling compound.

Q. How long does it take for the screed to dry over the retrofit underfloor heating system?
A. Our levelling compound will harden within a few hours to enable you to walk on the system and will be completely dry within 2-3 days.
Q. How is underfloor heating controlled?
A. Underfloor heating is monitored and controlled by thermostats, which help to maintain a constant temperature throughout the property, or in individual zones (rooms). To choose your desired temperature, you can manually set it on the thermostat and make sure it is always placed 5ft above the floor on an interior wall, and away from windows to ensure it gives an accurate reading.
Q. How long does retrofit underfloor heating take to warm up the room?
A. When it is first turned on it will usually take around 2-3 hours to heat up a medium size room, however the type of floor covering you have chosen will have an impact for the time it takes to heat up. The best type of floor coverings are tile and stone as they are very good conductors and will give the best heat transfer in the least amount of time.
Q. How high will the Retro Fit system raise my floor levels?
A. Our Super Heat Retro Fit system will only raise your floor levels by 17mm, this includes the crate, pipe and reinforced levelling compound.
Q. Is my home suitable for a retro fit underfloor heating system?
A. Super Heat Retro Fit is ideal for renovations and extension projects; with a minimum installation height of just 17mm, it allows homes to upgrade to an invisible and efficient underfloor heating system. If your property fits into these categories, we will make sure our system is designed to be a perfect fit in your home.
Q. Why should I choose a designed UFH system?
A. As all properties are different, we offer a fully customised design specifically for your needs. Upon ordering, we will send you a plan for your approval prior to commencement.
Q. Is insulation needed beneath the retrofit underfloor heating?
A. No, it is not needed but if a floor hasn’t got any insultation you will lose approximately 10% of heat output.
Q. Can you lay underfloor heating over existing tiles?
A. Yes, you can lay our Retro-Fit system heating over existing tiles or any solid surfaces, such as wooden, concrete and plywood floors.
Q. What flooring is suitable for underfloor heating?
A. For the best heat transfer hard surfaces such as ceramic or stone tiles, vinyl, and engineered wood are the most efficient. Carpet can also be used on top of underfloor heating as long as the tog does not exceed 2.5.
Q. What is the maximum temperature for underfloor heating?
A. The maximum floor surface temperature is 29° Celsius, however depending on the flooring you have used this will slightly affect the heat transfer.
Q. Is underfloor heating cheaper to run and more efficient than radiators?
A. Yes, underfloor heating uses 15-40% less energy than traditional radiators, therefore resulting in significant cost savings (up to 15% for the average family home).

Underfloor heating is a far eco-friendlier and cost-efficient solution for a warmer home.